so the other day me and some friends (ladies and gents) were arguing about the following question:

If a female was too bend over while going pee, will the pee go shooting straight behind them.. of course it will hit the ground eventually due to gravity. i mean, logically it should go more backwards, then downwards, correct?

if you don't understand what i mean, heres a little picture to help clarify..

so basically, me and one other guy insist that it really goes backwards if you were to bend over like that, but every girl insists that it doesn't. and we can't talk them into actually trying it just so we'll prove them wrong haha.

anyways, i know it's kinda... different to talk about, but i figure you guys would have some good arguments going either way..


Note: mods if it's too... disturbing? go ahead and delete.. not like it was my decision anyways
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