So what are some techniques I should practice in '09 to improve my -

-clarity (articulation)
-creative improvisation
-complexity (overall)

I know most techniques (alternate picking, economy picking) and all my modes and music theory. I just want to take it farther.

I mainly play classic rock, folk, jazz, and experimental stuff.

thank you all, and happy new year!
Get your metranome out and just practice some scales or little licks and gradually build speed up for the speed question e.g start at 80bpm with quarter notes up to whatever your metronome will go to, then build it up to using eights, then sixteenths etc..

For the creative improvisation look at using more chord tones and arpeggios in your improvising and get some backing tracks of the net and get improvising over them (remember to use different techniques aswel e.g. tapping, sweeping and unusual phrasing)

and I +1 the +1 about string skipping, if you want to go further this is a great technique to get going!
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Practice slowly and perfect your technique.

-clarity (articulation)

Practice slowly and perfect your technique, focusing on articulation.

-creative improvisation

Learn as much about improv as possible. Then bend the rules and make your own.

-complexity (overall)

Practice complex things and perfect them.

honestly, guitarists are musicians, not athletes, it doesnt matter how fast you can play (obviously after you reach a functional solid level) unless your going to music school (and even then, there are often more important things then technique).
if you want more excersizes, train your ear and transcribe alot--an hour of ear training will do you better then an hour of sweeps all day long.