I was looking to buy a new guitar, as my second guitar. i'm willing to spend about $200-$400, and i play alternative, some punk, and some metal. Favorite bands include - Senses Fail, Nightwish, Yellowcard, System of a Down, Linkin Park...etc...any ideas?
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Epiphone Les Paul?
very versatile.


Also look into some Strats, if you can find an H-S-S one within that budget, it's also a very versatile guitar. it would probably work really well for you!
Well, I personally think strats are about as versatile as it gets, but for the type of music you listed I sure was happy with my Epiphone G-400 w/EMG 81/85 pickups. I got it for $350 but Im pretty sure you won't be able to find it with the EMG's for that price any more. You can get one hell of a guitar for $400.....a Strat, G-400, a number of Ibanez....head to a guitar center and hold every guitar in the store and pick the one that feels the best.
yeah i kinda wanted to stay away from strats or les pauls, because i don't really like the look of them, plus the fact that everyone has them. and GuitarDTO, i was considering getting the G-400, it was my first choice, i'm just looking for some more advice. so now, i'm leaning towards a G-400, but any other comments would be appreciated!
If everyone has them it's for a reason, they're both amazing guitars