Okay, I ordered a guitar from a website called Zzounds, and it came yesterday. It is the Ibanez RG370DX. I am a little skeptic of ordering guitars online because if things are wrong with them, you have to deal with the company to fix the issue. All looks fine on the guitar, neck looks fine, edge III position, etc. But, .. I hear this weird popping or cracking noise coming from the guitar when I use the whammy bar. I checked to make sure the locking nut was as tight as it would go, and it was. It sounds like the noise is coming from where the neck is bolted to the body of the guitar. Could this sound be from the bolts that hold the neck on are loose? Or that the guitar has been in the mail for awhile ( cold.. ) and just needs to "settle"?
Possibly the strings rubbing against the nut? take off the strings and rub a pencil in the grooves.
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The strings are not slipping through the nut, which would cause that noise. Any other ideas?