A Quart Of My Oil Can Lubricate Your Internal Combustion Engine For The Night

Listen to the nightbirds calling thine name.
Rip the walls off your cage, strip it down
Don't fear judgement,
there's nothing left to house shame

Give into the sea and it's veil of treachery.
Glistening for eternity, forever and a day
Where is your savior?
For this is not hope that you portray.

(Free me, save me tonight)
Sovereigns only plight
(Free me, save me tonight)
Liberating the parasite

Feel the fire burn
Deep in your soul
Nowhere left to turn
Nowhere left to go

Feel the case rust
Deep in your heart
I'll give you some oil
How's that for a start?

Flee, for the gunslingers ain't far outta sight.
Pursuing endlessly, blood in the water
Don't look to me,
this endeavour was only for the night.
Yeah it's sang to metal, drop D high tempo (180bpm ish) I'll post a link in this thread to the music when completed. And I'll definitely check out your song, but probably not til tommorow after work so I can dedicate sometime towards it.
Well the inspiration kinda came from work lol. I work part-time at the local gas bar and I was sitting on the counter cuz it's boring as **** after about 6:30 and I was looking over at the oil then the song title just hit me... and I was like I could run with this and make a decent song.
The title is a bit long. I like the idea and your word choice very much. It's a little mysterious.
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