hey i just wanted to hear from some owners wat it is like. i was also wondering if i should go for the 50W version. i will be using it alot for bedroon use, but my current amp is a 30W so idk if the 20W version would be worth it. mostly i want to know if it sounds good for metal. thanks!
It's not a bedroom amp by any stretch of the imagination, and I'[m assuming your current amp is solid state in which case the 20w Rev Jr will absolutely obliterate it in terms of volume.
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I have the 20 w jr pro. And after taking it up to 7ish on the volume knob once i will say its blisteringly loud for what i use it for. However if you turn on the fx loop boost and turn down the knob, you can lower the total volume somewhat. I "think" it does take away a little tone but combined with a modest setting on the volume knob and you can get away with practicing at 3 am like i do. Yes, even my wife who is a light sleeper in the room over cant hear me.

Granted it sounded SOOOO much better when i kranked it wide open, but still beats my cube for practice imho in terms of the sound. (still saving the cube as a backup though and for the built in fx).

I was remarkably impressed with the Rev Jr when I got to play around with one. The biggest thing that I liked was that I could actually crank it almost all the way in a practice scenario especially when compared to the 50w amps laying around the studio and the 100w amp that I'm using now. Regarding metal tones, that's pretty much what it was built for and it does an admirable job in that department.
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Get a Randall RM20 head. You can switch the modules for so many tones. You can also bias it yourself with the external bias points.