Rowr, my new years resolution is to learn one bitchin' song on both guitar and vocals. That song's Vicarious by Tool. I may have, however, shot too high and failed.

Right now, I can't even play it sans vocals. I'm just learning the main riff. The pre chorus isn't too bad, and the chorus chords, though stretchy, I can handle. But I try singing even the easiest part, and I end up ballsing it all up.

Thing is, how do you play a song like this, and sing at the same time? I mean, with an acoustic strummy song, it's easy, it's like one constant flow. Songs like this are... not so flowing. Lots of stops, tempo changes, even time signature changes.

Halp for singing + playing prog metal?
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
Singing and playing separate melodies is one of the most difficult tasks a musician can face. I honestly reccommend against doing this; you may end up doing only a halfassed job of both rather than a good job of one or the other.
This is why Vocalists in bands like Tool rarely play instruments whilst singing if they do at all.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but it takes a huge amount of skill to do something like you're talking about.

Aim lower. Pick something easier. Some king of riff rock/metal that you can confidently play on guitar.
Practice, pratice, practice. Maybe try leaning to sing Claudios parts in Ten Speed, which is probavly a bit easier, but is sorta the same in that its not all chords, even in the chorus. He plays the leads in the verse. But in general, my advice would be to keep practicing, slowly at first, then faster.

EDIT: Or try No World for Tomorrow by Coheed, altho that ones harder.
Oh, I have been meaning to learn some C+C beyond "Welcome Home". Ten Speed sounds like a good choice.

And No World For Tomorrow is my favourite track by them. And I can not play it for ****. The intro riff is just WOAAH. :/

Alright, I'll give some easier songs a go.


I say "easier". Tool's vocals are right in my range.

I'll need a good kick in the balls before I can pull off a decent Claudio voice.
"Levelled up. Still no solos."