My attempt at prog.metal, "evolution through possession" is on mah profiiilez.

I cut some stuff out, so it sounds choppy, and with most of my other songs, the structuring doesn't really make much sense

But anyways, most of it is inspired by Cynic, Arsis, Kalmah, BTBAM, and a tiny bit of Hate Eternal. The intro was the only part of the song I put a lot of effort into, though (sometimes I make stuff up that's a tad too advanced for meself ). It's a bit quiet, so turn up speakers. If you take a listen, please tell me what you think of it, and yeah, c4c!
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Listening to it now Sounds pretty awsome Like the clean parts alot! A lot of emotion and for being 14 years you have a good tone Too bad the recording quality is so low Keep the good work up
I really liked the song. You have some great ideas there. If you made a high quality recording of the piece I think it would sound incredible. I am also very impressed that you're only 14. I don't listen to a lot of technical death metal, but this song sounds just as good as most of the stuff I've heard in that genre. I'm looking forward to a high quality recording! I recommend Reaper for a DAW program and Acoustic Beatcraft for a drum machine software. That's what I used for my recording.
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