I started my solo project today because I want to my own creative expressiveness. Unfortunately, that's kinda hard when you stink at guitar, and you wanna do experimental rock . If anyone here at UG is interested in recording some guitar parts, and maybe composing some over pieces, that I will write soon, that would greatly appreciated, and credit will be given. Any takers? PM or post here; either's fine.
I don't have MSN Messager, I never figured it out. Do you have AIM? It's easier for me
I am interested also. I have msn and aim, if you would like to talk, i don't understand aim :P: And just to one up the other person trying out, i bet my equipments better lol. Nah im just kidding, let me get my aim up, and we'll talk
I'm Luke.
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sweetness. I'm talking with datrooper right now, so I'll see if there's some form of three-way linking on it lol