Id like to start by saying Happy New Year to everyone!! Its only 1100 pm here in Georgia but in other countries its 2009 already!! Im talking to you in the past!

Anyway, here is a tune I wrote in 1996 with a band we called "Mixed Emotions." We stole the name to get by and get by we did. The original band consisted of Louis Martin, Clem Cunningham, John Vincent and I. John was not there with us the first night.

The name of the tune is "One Way." Please check it out and let me know what you think about it. Thanks.

We worked hard on this tune and a couple of others and made a "name" for ourselves. (Kind of.) Anyway, This is our song "One Way". I will add vocals later. For now, enjot it.

Now I must say this before you listen to this tune:

1. I guarantee I will check out your profile and l WILL isten to your tunes.

2. Any advice given will be considered and tried. I know there are some things we musicians hear in our heads when we hear something and wonder why they who wrote it didnt put it in there.

3. There are no lyrics here at all. I will add them at a later date as well. (Maybe) Im not a good singer but I can put a track or two down once in a while. Ive really been fighting myself lately over singing.

4. This tune is not perfect. The timing is off in spots but not so bad you cant enjoy the tune. This is my fault. I have not spent a lot of time to make it right. I will if I get a postive enough response.

5. There is the middle of the tune where the drums and bass fall out completely. Why? Because in the original band Clem and John had this thing going on between them and it was great. I tried to do the original guitar parts the way they were but without them I couldnt get it right. So I rewrote the part to fit the way I play now to the way it was and this is what is there. The end of the section is not quite right,(its a first take.) I did this on the fly as an afterthought only. But I like the way it came out and am considering leaving it there.