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As usual Natrone's mouth spouts general win.

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man, Natrone you're some kind of ninja I swear

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i realize the longshot that is. little giant to humongous one.

Rest In Peace Stevie Ray
One of the last Classics...take good care of er'. How's it sound?

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Oh My Freakin God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Is Like Eva Mendes In Guitar Form!

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Oh My Freakin God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Is Like Eva Mendes In Guitar Form!


TS, As i already said, that is really gorgeous.

Hows it sound?
Fabulous. That's incredible. Slap some active pickups in there and that's my kind of guitar!

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happy NGD!
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thats awesome
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Any regrets choosing this one?

Not yet, and I hope there won't be. I've yet to get a set up; the action and playability is outstanding already.

A little update on the Zebrawood part of it. It doesn't make a drastic difference to the sound from a standard Les Paul with a Maple Cap, although there is a distinct thicker and chunkier mid and low end range to it. I'm going to guess that's from the Zebrawood being a softer hardwood. Sounds amazing. It's also very heavy, even though it has some weight relieved.

Funny story, when I was at the check out some guy said aloud "That's the ugliest Gibson I've ever seen." After realizing that I was the one purchasing it, he turned red. He then started bragging about his Black Beauty. I don't understand why such douchebags have awesome guitars.
natural finish is alwasy ftw! nice guitar mate
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ahh you went for the zebra les paul

great choice, shes a beut
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Congrats on making the right choice, its beautiful.
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Nice guitar. Can't stand the wood though.

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Oranges are actually a revolution though - they're the next step from Rectos IMO.
i hate les pauls, but GOD DAMN that is a ****ing beauty of a guitar.
If i were you, i wouldnt play it... loll
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Lmao pantera? you'd think obama listened to some tupac or something
I've always been more of a strat guy but damn that guitar is sexy.... the only way it could be sexier is if it had some kind of white see through finish.....

lol idk i have a problem with white guitars.....
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The wood can't stand you.

That would be because it's an inanimate object.

Can anyone show me what an aged zebrawood guitar looks like? Google has failed me.

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Oranges are actually a revolution though - they're the next step from Rectos IMO.
The right choice man. Lovely. ^^
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You just joined my list of people i want to kill for their material goods