I have a Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads (the cheap $300 one) and it has horrible neck dive.

anyone know of a way to fix it? Or compensate the weight ratio?
I know sitting down with a V can be a problem. Try the "classical" style when you are sitting down. Standing shouldn't be a problem.
Move the top strap button to one of the neck bolts. I think one on the upper right, though play around with it and see how it goes.
All Rhoads shaped guitars have this (like my Edwards). The strap button is in roughly that position at the base of the neck, but I still get a dive. Just rest your arm on the upper wing.
For sitting down, jam that shorter lower wing between your legs and you have perfect classical position, which incidentally is similar to standing position (just a little higher up).
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One thing you can try for neck dive is to rest your right arm (picking arm) on the body of the guitar and push it down a little bit that way. If you push the body down a little with your right arm (doesn't require a lot of force), you don't have to hold up the neck with your left hand.
yeah i have the same guitar as you and its not really anything that can be fixed. however it doesnt damage the guitar in any way, so i woulnt worry about it. its just a pain in the ass.

classical style is best for sitting down, as mentioned.