I figured it was time to record something so i decided to record for whom the bell tolls and upload it here! You can find it in my profile.

P.S. I made alot of mistakes, because my hands were really cold, making it hard to move my fingers properly.

Edit: Im using a rockband microphone, and a Marshall MG, so the tone might not be that great lol.
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You played the bass intro wrong and your tone kinda sucks (maybe just the recording) but not bad.
I have any mg too but i just got a little Kustom 12 watt tube amp to replace it and its way better.

Were you using the mg distortion or running a pedal through it? If you run a pedal though the clean channel is sound pretty good but the distortion channel is terrible.
Just using the stock distortion. I have a Digitech GNX2, but didn't feel like taking the cables out of my other amp and hooking it up to the mg. Ill prolly do a whole nother cover of this, but maybe with vocals, and it will be tons better.