Is there anyway to take videos from youtube and put them on my ipod?
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there is a plugin for firefox you can download that does it for you.

if you have a mac, you hit apple+a, choose the correct tab, and double click the biggest file presented to you. then you change the file extension to .flv and play it with a program like VLC.
There are online sites that makes the mp4 file for you, without any needs of certain programs, i use it all the time and it is quick and uncomplicated
youtube downloader

i think i got it from download.com
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Heres the deal i do it all the time.

Get Firefox(if you don't have it yet, you're stupid)
go to Add-ons and search "Download Helper"
Go to the video you want,right to the left of the Google search bar theres this red, yellow aSave it to your desktop
If you have a video converter, convert the video to mp4, if not download the "Prism Video Converter" It has a 30 day free trial, just uninstall it every 30 days or buy it.

and then yea, open up itunes and put the video on there, name it and put it on your ipod.
Videora iPod Converter, it comes with a Youtube app that converts to the best format for your iPod.
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i use veoh it's pretty easy too
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an amazing website

download youtubes direct to MP4

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The easy way is to sell your ipod on ebay and buy a sony.
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