So i was perscribed prozac about a year ago but i never started taking them. But due to a recent terrifying shroom trip ive decided i need some help.

Ive tried solving this thing myself but i decided that i cant. So about 3 days i started taking the perscription.

so i was wondering if anyone could share the experiences with them.

And i didnt put this in the DT because that is for the recreational use of drugs. And people who use prozac arent neccesarilly going to venture into the DT.
lol this was just closed and u made it again?
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Well Ive never took anything for my depression. I use art as an anti depressant for myself and it works wonders. I suggest you try it. Even if you arent good at art, it really helps to get your feelings out.
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lol this was just closed and u made it again?

it was closed because some jackass said "drug thread" and reported me.

But i didnt get any responses in the drug thread. the drug thread is for the use of illict drugs, not anti-depressants.
I used to take prozac, it wasn't bad, I was very used to being depressed and it kinda caused some kind of internal turmoil in my brain, kinda like "I know I'm SUPPOSED to be depressed by what just happened, but I'm not, no matter how hard I try", which is kinda weird, but from talking to others, not a lot of people get that.

Some of them have some pretty annoying adjustment/withdrawal effects that last a couple of days, things like shakiness, irritability, insomnia etc. Though those ones are usually the ones that have the strongest effects, depends what you need really. Prozac is relatively simple, has minimal side effects, but doesn't work for some people.


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dude drug thread lol quit it you 09er
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