Avatar Vintage 1x12 Cab loaded with a Celestion G12H30 (16ohm)

I purchased this cab last summer and it has served me well for the past year and a half but lately I haven't been using it so I've decided to sell it. The speaker is a 16 ohm Celestion G12H30 that I installed about 6 months ago to replace the Vintage 30 that was originally in it. The new speaker doesn't have much time on it so it's barely broken in. The cab itself is 100% perfect, no tolex issues or anything. The only minor issue is the Avatar logo was never attached properly, I never put it back on but I'll include it if you want to. The cab is made of 15mm Birch Plywood and the dimensions are 24"W x 20.5"H x 11"D. Weight according to my scale is 34 pounds.

I'm asking $195 shipped to the lower 48, HI and AK will be more. I can NOT ship internationally, sorry. I'd really prefer PayPal as the payment method.

PICS: http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/mm22/ledzeppy/Avatar%20Cab/

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year!
Where are you in PA... I would consider buying it if you are in the Susquehanna valley region and if I can offload my Traynor. I'm from Quarryville
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Altoona, I'm about good 3 and half hours west of you.

Damn... I'm afraid of driving my car 20 minutes out of town due to it's leaky head gasket, much less 3 hours Good luck on the sale!

If you do want it I could cut the price some because shipping will be much less than I expected because you're closer. Thanks for looking though
By the way I can make an exception to the PayPal only if anyone else is interested and can't do PayPal.
hey, would you be interested in selling the cab without the speaker ?
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