Is it bad to order an amp online at...let's say... Guitar Center or Musician's Friend? Do they treat your amp with care during the shipping and handling process?
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They do, however it's UPS or FedEx that I worry about.

Why would I be more worried about UPS and FedEx than the people I bought it from?
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Why would I be more worried about UPS and FedEx than the people I bought it from?

They're both notorious for destroying amps and guitars in the process of getting it to you. Especially anything fragile like tube amps.
Ever seen those box jockeys handled a package? Also, you have to watch out for the drop, ding and dash. That's what the delivery guy does with your package once it's at your house - run out of his truck, drop the package at your door, ding the doorbell and dash. Meanwhile, your neighbor is eyeing that sweet amp sitting on your step.

Seriously, I've never had any problems with stuff delivered from either site. They're pretty good about handling your gear with care. You're much more apt to get something that was shipped from the manufacturer defective, than to have GC or MF screw it up before getting it out the door. If it survives the trip via the box jockeys, you should be golden. Besides, both sites have a great return policy.
I would go with sweetwater because they take better care then anybody.

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I ordered a tube amp from ZZounds about three years ago and it arrived just fine. I don't know first-hand how they handle their equipment, but I wouldn't worry too much about ordering from an online music store.
Just buy shipping insurance where possible. Otherwise, take pictures/notes of any damage to the box before you open in case you need to file a claim with whomever shipped it.
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I got my Strat from Musician's Friend, and it travelled internationally (from wherever they are originally, to Florida, to Jamaica) not a ding on it. Really though I'd be more cautious of the people transporting it (UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc) than Musician's Friend. If there's anyone who can, would or could screw it up it'd be the transporter.
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MF and some of the other online sites offer a 30 return period - but always check the site you are buying from. That way if it arrives damaged, send it back.
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MF seemed to ship fine to my friend
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