I have the Ibanez RG1570.

Recently when i pull the whammy bar up on say the 20th + fret of any string, the string will hit the higher frets too. Its a pretty old guitar, is it a sign of needing a re fretting? I dont have the action adjusted really low either
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are you sure its hitting the frets and its not hitting the humbuckers?
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I was gonna say action but since weve ruled that out im gonna say you need a truss rod adjustment imo
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Is the 20th fret badly worn? If so, then it may need some work. Keep in mind, that if it does, a fret job won't be cheap. If it's a cheap guitar, it's often not worth it and it's just better to put it on display, or put it in the closet.
Check whether the frets above the 20th fret is at the same elevation of all the other frets other than the ones above the 20th fret.

if they have the same elevation, then i think you should bring it to a tech to get the truss rod adjust.
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