Alright I am currently in distress please if you have any knowledge on all tubed heads please reply.

I Just bought the B-52 At-100 triple rectifier head 2 days ago, tonight was the first time I actually got to play it at a really loud volume i was playing on the overdrive channel with my channel volume on 8 and the master volume on 8 as well then suddenly after about 20 minutes of jamming it suddenly just went silent like it had been switched to standby, the tubes were still glowing everything looked normal and no sound. Now what is odd is that i was playing on the Tube A setting on the tripple rectifier nob located on the back and now when it is on the Tube A setting it is silent but when i turn it to either solid state (which i know has no involvement with tubes) or the Tube AB1 setting it works perfectly fine.

What I think:
I think the rectifier tube has went bad because its a china tube from what i could see on it and ever since i got it the tube glows a extremely bright radiation orange color much brighter from all of the power and preamp tubes and i have herd that means you have a bad tube from one of my friends but im not sure. Another reason that i believe its the rectifier tube is on the tube of the tube its black and like a un-even black almost like burns in a blown light bulb but i cant remeber if it was there before or if it is the thermal coating on top of it like in some other tubes, but this blackness is only on the roof of the tube not on any of the internal compenents inside of the tube. Also the tube still comes on and lights up like all the others so i honestly dont know if its bad or not. So thats what i think is wrong but i really dont know what a rectifier tube does or how it is affected in the Tube A or Tube AB1 settings.

So please if you know anything about this problem or have any opinions, or jsut even any basic knowledge on tubes (which i am very new at) PLEASE HELP!!!!
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