im looking to buy a tube combo amp, but no nonsense. i mean, i have no real use for 3 channels, even 2. honestly, all the dials i would want are bass, mid, treble, presence master volume and perhaps a preamp volume. now, its not vital that this amp doesnt have lots of other features, i just wont use em.

i predominantly play heavy/thrash metal, hard rock and punk. with bits of blues and avant-garde every now and then.

id already thought about a marshall JCM800 head and some sort of cab, but i really dont have the money for that at the moment. so any suggestions, at roughly $1000 australian would be great. any advice at all really.

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Peavey Windsors are good, idk about price. Look at Soldanos if you have the chance, they are apparently really good for hi-gain, and are also BB King's amp of choice. Egnator also has a new amp out, idk the name right now tho, its only one channel tho.
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Soldano and Egnater

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1000 australian dollars


Highly unlikely.

OP, maybe you can find a JCM800 combo in your range? Head and cab isn't always as necessary as you may think, and it's not like you need clean headroom anyway.
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Can you get the Randall RM20 combo for that much in Australia? If you can try it out with the SL+ module, I might recommend it. If it's a bit over your price range, just get a used amp and get the module new (the new ones have the JCM800 midrange circuit, but the old ones have more bass and less mids, somewhere between a DSL and a JCM900), or find a used modified module.
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