Ok, this song is one ive worked on for a while. it has a pretty basic formula but i think i managed to still keep it kind of interesting. I've mixed it for RSE but it still sounds pretty good with out it. I have yet to right lyrics (which is why it might seem to get repetitive) when i right lyrics it might double the length of one or both of the verses xD

Our guitarist has yet to write a solo, so the ****y ones i have now are mostly place holders. The keyboard part is relatively easy because our keyboardist sucks pretty hardcore. The bass part was kind of hard to write because (being the bassist) I usually like improvising a lot of fills.

This song also originally started with a thrash metal riff i came up with at about 145 bpm, and i went to make a clean intro and decided to work off that and got rid of the thrash riff. the intro that took me at least 10 tries to make a transition from Gm to Am sound good. Also about halfway through writing this song my cat died, and i got sad/mad and tried throwing that in too.

Anyway, if you've managed to read all this I applaud you, I'll crit for crit if you leave a link, and promise to make it as big a crit as you left me.

*edit* ... i guess im stupid for thinking ppl would crit a song in standard tuning ... i must be a fool....
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Not bad.

The main riff is really ambigious and kinda creepy.
I thought this would be more...cheerful.
Fat chance.

I like the etheral atomsphere of both the "futile" melody and the ensemble strings. Again.

Structurally, this is a very well formated song. Everything flowed well together.
Melodically, however, something was just odd.
I'm gunna continue mentioning this, because I've never seen such subtle atonality.
It's not directly atonal, but that main riff is just so odd.
I mean, if you look at the **** I've done, atonality and futile melodies are the name of the game.
But you took it to another level I can't comprehend. It might just be that it's late and twisted avant-garde black metal is twisting my perspective on reality. Either way, that part has stuck with me nao.
I'm gunna use it as reference material nao.

The chorus portion is much more normal however. I feel a thrash vibe coming off this riff.
It's also somewhat lackluster (in comparision to, you should know by now), but it's still good.

The ending also didn't have that much punch to it either. I didn't like how it just dropped off the face of the earth, if that makes sense.
If your intention is to have that part fade out, then I can understand what you were hoping to accomplish with the finale.

I always require a C4C, as I'm a fiend.
I think you may like Malkeet or Extort/Froydmein.
They all have descriptions of the songs anyways, so just pick whichever one you feel like.
All my songs are under the Mein Comps link.

Also, sorry to hear about your cat. That's pretty ****ty.