Three Words.

Greatest. Show. Ever.

For those who haven't seen it, they show episodes on hulu.com; I watched a couple of episodes from season 2 and im hooked. IMO, this is an all around hysterical show, and is probably funnier than Seinfeld(overrated now) in at its peak for me.

Cant wait till season 5.
I saw 2 episodes on DVD at my father's house on Christmas. It was pretty funny.
Charlie Is the best, ever!

"I Cut The Breaks cuz I'm the wild card BITCHES yeeehaaaa"
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Congratulations you watched a TV show and you liked it.
This is one of these things that the Interwebz doesn't care about.
I agree. Best show ever in my opinion too.

I have both dvds (season 1+2, season 3), and I have a paddy's pub shirt.

Was my favorite show since the season 1 debut with "the gang gets racist."

They did a road trip kind of tour in America before season 2 and season 3 I believe, I almost saw them during the season 3 one but unfortunately I couldn't make it

Hopefully they do the cross country road trip again.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I remember when they were premiering season 2 episodes on thursday nights on fx, my cousins and I would all meet up at their house, order a pizza, and just pretty much hang out and watch the new episode of always sunny. It was pretty much a ritual of ours. This went on through season 3, and will probably keep going on

And if any of you always sunny fans haven't heard, fx ordered 39 more episodes (after the nightman cometh). That's probably at least 2 or 3 more seasons

And check out this site. A lot of outtakes, behind the scenes, and interviews and funny stuff:

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I love it. Weirdly, I didn't watch a single episode until I went to Philly for a week. I've been watching it since.

Also, Dee is pretty
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charlie is ****in badass, my fav episode is wn they get community service and have to coach basketball teams