hey guys,
i am thinking about getting this guitar (in the string thru version) as my second guitar and was wondering what u guys at the UG community had to say about it...

so first of all i have read many reviews and read this is a pretty versatile guitar and i play all sorts of music but mostly metal but i like to play some jazz from time to time....and i dont exactly know a whole lot about pickups but i read that the Seymour Duncan JB is good for alot of metal playing and that the '59 is good for bluesy stuff....

...so my questions are what exactly do these pickups excel at and and the specs say it has a set thru neck...(i dont exactly know what that is) and yea gimme some input of what u all think....

p.s. ill be playing through a peavey XXX head with a custom avatar cab...

another quick question...what do u guys think about the neck and exactly how thin is it compared to like a jackson dkmg?
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If you play some jazz then certainly get the one with Duncan's, not EMGs. The JB is very good for metal and the '59 will be fine for the rest. I don't think you'll be in trouble tonally.

I'm not sure exactly what they mean by set-thru neck, I've always wondered that. Maybe some sort of set-neck and neck-thru hybrid? But it certainly looks like neck-thru. Either way, I wouldn't worry about it.

yea that does really look like a neck thru...and i already have a guitar with emgs and a floyd so i thought this would be a good change or a different flavor so to speak haha...btw does anyone know what a set thru neck is???
From the picture, I would bet that set-thru is ESP's weird way of saying it's neck-thru, aka the neck is set through the body.

And yeah, it's a good choice considering what you have