hey guys
i just got given a really crap monterey stratocaster and the neck of it is really thick. so what i am planning to do is to buy a new neck. I searched guitar necks on ebay and found this :


now i have a few questions

  • is it possble to use this neck on my strat?
  • can i use a locking nut on a strat tremolo?

ufff...i wouldn't do it, unless you know how to replace it...it can really mess up your guitar...
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sell it, save money and buy an Ibanez or something similar that has a skinny neck?

yeah. Wizards rock... litrally

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For that price I doubt that the fret quality wil be very good. If you think the guitar you bought is crappy maybe you might consider sanding the neck down a little sometimes just taking the shoulders off the radius can make a huge difference without compromising the wood too much and have something playable while saving for a good replacement guitar.
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Everyone except Nev75 is wrong.

1) It can't mess up your guitar unless you're utterly incompetent. I've done three and I'm 15. It involves measuring and drilling holes.

2) The neck will work, it is has a 25.5 inch scale length, just like standard Fenders. And, the heel with is 2 - 3/16ths of an inch, just like standard Fenders. Measure your sale length and neck heel just to be sure they are the same though.

3) The fret work is likely to be terrible, as is the rest of the construction quality. Although, witha radiused sanding block and a some files and sandpaper, you could level, crown, and dress those frets yourself. It is rather easy.

4) As Nev75 has said, you can sand your neck in more of a V shape, as right now it might be a U shape.

As long as you take only from the sides, and not the direct bottom of the neck, you'll be ok. If you remove material right along the spine, you run the risk of having the truss rod pop right out.
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otter, ur wrong. nev75 and you are both right. not just him.

anyway, sanding the current neck is an option, but not recommended, as its easy to go too far and hit the truss rod.

the new neck will work fine, just measure carefully for the new holes. remember, measure 6 times, drill once.
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Am I the only one that noticed the neck is cut for a locking nut? Idk if its just me but I don't think Monterey Strats come with floating tremelos, thus rendering your locking nut useless. If you like a certain style of neck, ie. V shape over U shape or etc, then I suggest you go to Warmoth and find one that fits your liking in the Showcase or just have them build you a neck.

Edit: To actually answer your question, no the neck won't work with a Strat tremelo. Locking nuts require fine tuning from the bridge, which a regular tremelo can't do, you would need to rout out the body for a floating style tremelo. Cheers
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Yes, a locking nut needs a bridge with fine tuners, however you can put a regular nut in a locking nut slot.
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