Hey UG. Recently i just started guitar and just started to learn theory for that and bass (which I have been playing for 6 months). I bought the Hal Leonard Guitar and Bass Methods Complete Editions. In the guitar method book i'm up to the part where they teach 3/4 time signatures, the problem is i can't seem to keep myself counted in, i count in my head and tap my foot as i play and i'll for example go '1-2-3...-1-2-3...-1'. I pause after the three and i can't keep in time with my foot. Is there any different approach or method i should be taking into learning the 3/4 signature better? By the way the books are great!
Find a song that's in 3/4, like My Name is Jonas by Weezer for example, and practice with that. Find the pulse, accentuate the first beat, (ONE two three ONE two three, etc) and you should be right.
You haven't listened to a lot of waltzes, have you? ;]
The best way to remember any meter is to hear the accented beats in your head. For example, in 4/4 you accent the second and fourth beats and when you hear them in your head, you will be inside the groove and won't forget where you are. What I hear in 3/4 meter is the first beat. If you accent every first beat of the 3/4 meter, you'll be able hear the 3/4 groove.
Thank you very much to both of you! That makes total sense, I'm going to try it right now!

EDIT: I've tried it and yes it works! I just lack experience to read a sheet of music, play, tap my foot and count at the same time and get it right, but i'm getting better =]
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