I have a question:

When I play leads, such as the solo from Seize The Day by A7X or November Rain by Guns 'N' Roses, my notes don't sustain. They go for a little bit, then start buzzing or just fade out really quickly.

Is this a problem with my technique, or is it my **** amp? Currently, I'm playing through a 40W Maxturbo (worst amp ever) my parents bought me on eBay years ago when I started out with a BOSS ME30 plugged into it.

I'm hoping it's the amp, so it'll be problem solved when my Vypyr 75 arrives.
I have the same problem. but I assume that the key is the sustain effect pedal.. and I also heard that some guitar have sustain effect in itself
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There's not really any such thing as a "sustain" pedal, you get them for keyboards, not guitars. TS, the problem is going to be a combination of any or all of the following things...a rubbish amp, old strings, a badly setup guitar, poor technique, poor EQing.
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Well I'm pretty sure the guitar is set up fine, but I'm putting new strings on it within the next week when I get time so that'll be fine.

I just tried it again... the note plays for a few seconds, then goes really screechy and buzzy. My EQ is set to about 7 Bass, 7 Mid and 6 Treble through the ME30. The amp is absolutely terrible, however, so hopefully that's it. From memory I didn't have this problem playing through my mate's Fender FM212.

Thanks mate.
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