Ok ive been playing for about 6 months now, starting to get good and figure out whats what now, and of course what isnt --> my spider 3 75w ( i was a noob cmon). i think its time to start getting a better set up, if anyone can make some suggestions to stop me from having to try everything in store it would be appreciated.

Current guitar - Ibanez RGR320EX http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/electric_guitars/ibanez/rgr320ex/index.html

Current Amp - Line 6 spider 3 75w http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/guitar_amplifiers/line_6/spider_iii_75/index.html

I like playing a lot of metallica stuff, but would also like to be able to play some blink 182, rise against or gob stuff so mainly metal but a bit of punk stuff too.

So basically i like the axe i got, plays a lot sweeter than a few others ive tried, so maybe time to change the amp... and or effects pedal, i was tempted to just get a metal muff but i heard theyre no good with modelling amps. So... suggestions? for a new amp and pedals? maybe pickups too? (ive got the stock "designed" by EMG's on there). Its all for bedroom practice only so nothing too loud, and im not much of a tightarse with cash... would rather good gear and sound than saving a few dollars...

Cheers in advance
The gutar is great so why change it ?
Maybe the amp , you could get yourself a multi effect like Zoom G1
farly cheap for what you get . It's like 50€ . Nad you hawe preprogramed
some signature sounds from some best gutarists .
no budget really, just nothing ridiculous in price... its bedroom prac only so no point getting big cab n head n stuff, and not too sure on modelling stuff after having the spider but ill try that zoom g1 instore when im out next
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A small tube combo, like 5 watts with a distortion pedal for the metalish work, or a nice SS amp like a Vypyr or a Cube, they sound fine for bedroom.

If I were you I'd buy a Blackheart 5 watt and a distortion pedal like the Blackstar HT DISTX.
http://www.thomann.de/nl/blackheart_little_giant_bh5h.htm +
http://www.thomann.de/nl/blackheart_bh112.htm (or other cab) +
http://www.thomann.de/nl/blackstar_ht_distx.htm or metal muff or something

Should give you a pretty nice bedroom setup
I have the same guitar and love it... I run mine through a Digitech RP350 (soon to get the RP500) and my little Ibanez 10 watt amp and if you are just doing bedroom practice get a good pair of headphones . I got a pair of Sony MDR V300 and they are great if u wanna turn up the volume a bit and jam..
I was looking at the Peavey Vyper amps but its just another version of the Line 6 IMO. I say just get a good effects pedal and a small amp and your set.
i love my current setup. i live in a small, very small apartment, so i have to keep stuff at bedroom levels too. i have the epiphone valve jr. "halfstack", with a metal muff pedal in front of it, plus others. its 5w all tube amp, super simple, and with the right pedal in front of it, it will be 10x any Cube, Vypyr, or other combo amp you'll look at in that price range. for 250-300 bucks, you'll get great tube tones with minimal investment.
Blackstar HT-5

5 Watt tube amp, 2 channels (footswitch), 3 band shared eq and a function called ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) which lets you change the amp voicing between US and UK and inbeween, Effects loop, headphone/line out. comes in Head, Combo and Mini-stack form


Check out the clips on youtube to get a taste of this bad boy =)
cheers guys... should be enough to hassle the guys at the local billy hydes music shop for ahwhile