Hi all, I have a set of SD Invaders i've really been itching to put into my Schecter Hellraiser Avenger (mahogany set neck, rosewood f/board), which currently runs EMG 85(n) & 81(b) in 18v.

Would you do it?

Invaders are currently in my old epi SG G400, which imo they sounded awesome in (mahogany body, glued mahogany neck, rosewood f/board). That, however was a very bright guitar.

I'm worried the Avenger will be darker sounding (it's a thicker, heavier guitar), but can't predict what it's true sound character is like cos of the active EMGs currently in it (that 'emg' sound dominates). So i'm thinking of going with 1000k pots with the Invaders, because I want to brighten up what i worry might be a very dark-sounding axe(which +invader bass = mud). Thoughts?
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Don't do it. EMG's plus Hellraiser's are a winning combo as it is.
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its a common myth that EMGs are just dark pickups that can only play dark stuff. keep em they are versatile
I'm just so damn curious though, and i'm tired of that characteristic EMG sound for now, I miss the Invaders...they were so warm, thick, smooth and creamy, and had ridiculous amounts of output for pinch harmonics etc. I know alot of ppl hate Invaders, but I find their sound really appealing.

Plus it'll only cost me ~$60USD inc pots + having them coil-tap the neck pickup for me, wire it & restring it.

I can always swap back, i'm not throwing the EMGs out. I just find them harsh in the high end, not as warm and dynamic and lacking soul due to less overtones (possibly because of the emphasis on noiselessness and tightness).

I can play well enough to play either cleanly, but I miss the feel of passives, and doubt i'll miss the precision of the EMGs, as i'm not performing on stage for now (and have another guitar with blackouts that kills the emgs hands down in every way).

I can get a range of sounds out of the EMGs, but regardless, the sound still has that very strongly characteristic EMG sound (that i've kinda had enough of for now)

I want the soul back in my guitar's sound. I want this guitar to be a wild beast, with a distinctive sound, and these EMGs aren't really doing it for me..

Also, both the Invaders low amounts of treble, and its muddiness, can they be countered by 1000k pots? Will 1000k pots make it brighter as if they were in a brighter-sounding guitar?

Cheers for the replies guys, ur all really quick =)
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Maybe check out Seymour Duncan Blackouts? I've only tried through an MG (guh) but they were alright.
i've already got blackouts in another guitar and yes they own.

and i've got the Invaders ready to go, don't wanna spend $ on pickups.

refer above post
any other input?

I mainly want to know if the 1000k pots will make it sound as though it were a brighter guitar than (I strongly suspect) it is.
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Personally I wouldn't do it. However, if you prefer that sound to your EMG sound and you can afford it, go for it! It's your decision. And like you said, you can always switch it back

If you do, record clips of you playing the same stuff before and after pickups swap so we can hear how it sounds