In my search of a new distortion pedal i came across this a while back and didnt remember until now. I hear these are supposed to be really good, the Ds-1 with the Keely mod with the switch and blue led. Ive even heard Steve Vai and Satch use these, anybody else have any expereince with them? Are they a lot better than the regular DS1?
i was listening to clips and watching demos of it the other, it kicks the crap out of my friends stock ds1

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I haven't tried the Keeley mod out, but there are plenty of other mods available that you should consider, like Analogman and Monte Allums. You may like one of those more than the Keeley. I'd suspect there are clips online of the different mods so that you can find out how they sound.
from what i remember, monte allums just swaps out random components. So, although there will probably be a quality increase due to better components, theres a load of things in there that arent necessary and cost money for no improvement.

If i'm wrong then i apologise to him, but that is what i remember.
I just got a Keeley DS-1 for Christmas. I absolutely love it. It handles very well with a Strat for that RHCP lead sound, and with an LP for that general Marshall crunch. It's almost indistinguishable from my Plexi preamp module.
the guitarist in my band has it and i dont like it

its waaaay harsh and fizzy

im thinking about picking up a stock DS-1 and modding it myself
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Ive listened to some sound clips on youtube of side by side comparisons, and from what i can tell it seems miles beyond the former pedal.

I posted another thread about distortion pedals, that i need something thats gonna crunch good for at most 80s hard rock.

I guess for me its between this and a MXR Distortion III.
if you can solder, get the schematics from google. Saves you 70 bucks to have to send it in and get him to mod it. And I believe Satch was using Analogman's DS-1 mod for a few years until Vox made him the Satchurator. The Keeley DS-1 is louder, fatter, more touch sensitive, and quite a better pedal.
If you can do some soldering, just find a good DS-1 and buy a kit off ebay, do it yourself for about $65 all told.
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Yeah. It is way better than the stock ds1. However there are a lot of mods for the ds-1 that you want to consider. Keeley isn't the best IMO but it should do the work. And btw, vai do not use his modded ds-1 as his main distortion. He use it as a boost for his legacy.

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yea, he mainly uses the legacy distortion. he uses the DS-1 for "brutal" bits, like the chunky riff in "The Animal", but then switches out the DS-1 for his Keeley TS-9 for the solos.