Hey just hoping to get some opinions on what you guys think about this. So I purchased a Mesa F-30 over the summer used for about $500 and I love the sound and have two channels with independent gain treble bass mids and reverb I really wanted an Orange but I couldn't afford one at the time but this was the closest to a Orange AD30 out there. The thing is I am huge fan of The Mars Volta, The Fall of Troy and they both use Oranges Amps as do some of my other favorite bands Emery, Maylene and TSOD, and Underoath ( Tim uses one live). Anyways do you think I could trade the Mesa and some cash for the Orange AD30 combo or for the head straight up? Also if I where to trade for the orange 50 pics only amp (single channel only) or the rocker (not as many knobs for the two channels) would it still be a good deal? Don't get me wrong I love the Mesa, but the Orange are my dream amp. I am just wondering if it would be worth the hassle to go through all the trouble to set up a trade and how much of a difference would there be between the two amps.
Thanks in advance for all the help.
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If you like the mesa you may as well keep it, their price will start to go up in the future anyway (the last amp with the original 'mesa boogie' logo on it)
It's likely to be more versatile than the orange too. Just try and test the orange, if you feel after a test you need to trade, do it. But don't buy something because someone else has it.
the ad30 doesn't really have enough gain for heavier music, the rockerverbs, thunderverb, and the higher wattage twin channel ad's would be better suited. but they get expensive...
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you may wanna look into a RV50 combo if you can stretch your budget or get some more money. I listen to those bands too (big Underoath fan) and my Mesa gets really close to Tim's sound, but an Orange or a Marshall type amp would get you closer to not only his tone, but TMV and MATSOD and TFOT's sound.
Okay, so based on your original post, I can tell that you've probably never played an Orange before. I have no idea why you would say it's your dream amp if that is the case.

The obvious solution would be to head down to your local guitar shop and try out a bunch of Oranges. Make your decision based on what you hear during your trek.


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try out the orange and see if its worth it

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is the orange really an upgrade? surely it's more of a similar quality of amp to the mesa, just with a completely different voicing and amount of gain? i mean, in the UK the mesa would set you back more than the orange, kind of thing, because of where they're made, and it's the opposite in the USA...
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