<Verse One>
This, betrayal, this sneak attack
When I least expect you stab me in the back
I thought you cared but you lied from the start
And now you’ve torn my world apart
Tears flow down my eyes when I hear your name
Why didn’t I back out of this game?

They say that love is the purest thing you can experience in life
But then in all reality it simply is the coldest, sharpest knife
You play with my emotion and you treat me like a clown
So close your eyes and say your prayers, I’m gonna take you down

<Verse Two>
You treat me like I puppet with this love your cruel device
I see now that you have no feeling with your heart as cold as ice
Look in my eye
Hear me cry
Know what you have done


<Solo (trade off)>



<Verse 3>
So now I wait draw one deep breathe
Soon you will be meeting Death
Then you know what it feels like to fall from grace
To be caught up in the cold embrace
When you were alive I was haunted in slumber
But I’m free from your chains now you’re six feet under

<Last verse>
Now you’re gone I’m free once more
But without you here my heart is sore
Wishing now I was your slave
Wishing I could rise you from the grave
You wouldn’t love me no matter how I tried
But I’ll see you on the other side