Could the 12" Celestion G12T-100's be used as a bass speaker in a bass cab? I have an empty 4x12 Peavy 6505 cab that I want to turn into a bass cab and bass speakers are very expensive, but I can find a 4-pack of these for $199. Just for home use, no gigging.
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These speakers sound awesome.......for guitar. I still don't know why they are selling those speakers so cheap? Had one in my old valveking and cleared up the muddy distortion big time and had a nice clean sound to them. They do not get enough credit for how good they sound because they do not have the word "Vintage" in the title.
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Unless it says guitar and bass then a bass will tear em up. The freqs a bass hits and the amount of speaker movement in more than most guitar speakers were made to handle. Have a lok at eminance speakers they have a good selection and not any more than guitar speakers.
NO BASS THROUGH GUITAR SPEAKERS, it will rip them apart.. literally.
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