First off I have a Rocktron Rampage (RT122C). Everything was working fine until one day I plugged in and nothing. After playing around with it I discovered that by turning the volume all the way up to 10 I can get sound, crappy quality and low but its there. Also I have 2 inputs, high and low, and they both do the same thing. I have tried several guitar cords and 2 different guitars. Guitars and cords are good I checked them on another rig. If I jiggle the input cable I can get some crackling and sometimes a flash of sound that's loud like it's supposed to be but only for an instant. I would normally assume the input jack at this point but like I said I have 2 and they were both working properly before this. Seems unlikely they would both go bad together. Also around the same time, I can't say for sure it was the same day, but right around the same time my power supply on my computer failed (plugged into the same circuit) so I thought maybe there was a power surge or something. I would just start fiddling with it but honestly I can't even see how to get inside the thing, I can't find any access screws. Any help would sure be appreciated. This is my only amp and I can't afford a new one. Thanks.
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does it have a headphone jack?

if it does, plug into the headphones, and see if that works.

if it does, then you have a speaker problem.

edit: nvm i just saw the input jack thing. it'll probably be a jack thing. maybe somewhere there's a common wire that's loose.

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