i like the look plus i heard the zr trem is awesome and easier to use that others. quick questions for anyone thats played it or owns it - does the open pore finish make it look "cheap" in person? also, does the back of the neck have a finish on it like a les paul does, or is it just the open wood? thanks
It has a satin finish on the neck.
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The finish looks very dark and matte in real life a bit like satin black but it's very cool because you can feel the grain
the neck is satin finished and feels very good
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sorry if this is a dumb question - is a satin finish like the neck of a les paul - very glossy and shiny? i have an lp and i dont really like it, doesnt feel as fast

it's real fast and not real shiny
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My friend owns this guitar, and i've played it. I really liked it, it's very light, lovely neck, although very thin. It's rather easy to hold the High E by accident with it, as the neck is so thin. But it has a great tone, especially for some hardrock/metal. Overall I'd say it's a great guitar.