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New member here, so firstly happy new year to one and all. As a very new guitar player, I am very much learning the ropes (or strings!). I have found a video of somebody on Youtube playing an acoustic version of one of my favourite songs and wondered if somebody might be kind enough to assist me in working out exactly what chords are being played... the video quality is not great here, but my ears are not trained enough yet to work out the chords.

Anybody's expertise is greatly appreciated! The video can be found here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=XXVzzXH5Hgk
video found here

Many thanks in advance,


I took a quick look, and it seems to be pretty straightforward: Am (577555), Dm7 (x57565) and Em7 (x79787).

When you hit the Dm7 chord, start out with just your index finger (x55555) and then change quickly to x57565.

Hope that helps.