Back with another song, my creative juices have really been flowing lately.

It's still metalcore, but more refined than my last song, I think.

Anyway, any corrections or changes you think would sound better are more than welcome.

All We Have.zip
You shall listen to Kamelot.
The intro riff is pretty intruiging.
The harmonization in this portion was well done.

The chugging riffage starting at bar 23 got kinda annoying.
Then again, I'm not one for liberal chugging.

I feel the song picks up at measure 56.
Good riffs.

The pseudo-solo leads at 80 are quite worthwhile. They are the centerpiece of this song.
Everything repeats, so you know how I feel about everything after this chorus (I suppose it's the chorus).

Alright, the ending was, not all that powerful.
The chugging just sets the mood for a riff/melody to bring finality to this song.
So chugging is not fit for an ending.

You have some good melodicism, but nothing truely sticks.
Also, drums and bass would help.

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Thanks for the crit for my song.

Well, your song somehow reminds me of A7X, Trivium and August Burns Red. But I don't mean ur song sounds like them.

I think it is not necessary to make the intro that long with the same riff going with different harmony.

I'd give 7/10.

The verse 1 sounds boring. But maybe it's just because of the lack of drums.
Verse 2 sounds alright. I do really love the Pre-Chorus.

The song becomes really interesting in the chorus. You got a great melody there man..I love it.

The breakdown needs more complexity. It would be awesome if you put a long kick-ass solo before the outro. It would definitely change the mood of the song.

If you have time, try putting some drums. It's really hard for me to crit a song without drums.
good intro,good the secod riff good the third riff
good first riff, but nothing special
Good pre-chorus
Good Chorus
Solo good, but nothing special
Good song but why only guitar and not bass/drums?


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The intro was pretty cool and the harmonization was nice. But having that extended note and the end of the riffs past measure 8 made the song lose its flow.

The verse and preverse were kind of boring.

Verse 2 comes after verse 1? I give you props for trying to change up the song structure, because not enough people do that, but in this case, it doesnt work to well. Its like 2 completely different songs, and again ruins the flow. On a positive note, it does seem to bring energy back to the song.

Prechorus is pretty nice. But it kinda drags on. Maybe the lack of vocals make it seem that way.

The Chorus is great

Breakdown doesnt bring anything new to the table and it seems to lack any purpose. Part 2 is better, but doesnt feel right.

Putting verse 2 as the second prechorus doesnt really make sense to me. I think the other prechorus works better.

Using the breakdown for the outro works a bit better, in my opinion. But its kinda short and the note you use to end seems awkward, imo.

As you can see, im all about having a song flow together. Having good transitions is key.

Keep writing songs man. Thats how you get better. Other than that, not a bad piece. The chorus was really good.