Hey everyone,

This is my attempt at Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees, one of my personal favourites. It was a quite a challenge for me to sing and i'd really appreciate any feedback and advice anyone can give me on how to sing better and how to get the vocals tighter in general. Im not really sure about the techniques involved but i think improving with time. If anyone wants feedback on their stuff in returb i'll be more than happy to give a fill review and some pointers in the areas i know.



what kind of guitar did you use? it sounds like a nylon-stringed one.
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Just a cheap steel string, unfortunatly im still getting to grips with stereo recording, i used a magnetic pickup (lr baggs m1a) in conjunction with a condenser mic (rode nt1a) and put too much input for the pickup, so it sounds slightly plastic i agree.
great vocal range, tough song to cover. Maybe you could try to articulate the words a little more, but your vocals were good in the style of radiohead. good cover though. i rated it

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Honestly if I had never listened to Radiohead, I'd say you're amazing, but as you already know Yorke's voice is simply unique and probably one of the hardest voices to cover. But hey this is a complement I'd kill to sing like you dude.
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nice job bro and thanks for the crit on mine

keep up the good work
Really nice job. That would have taken me forever (most likely longer!) to pull off. Good work.

rock solid. radiohead is impossible to cover because thom yorke's voice is so unusual. you did about as well as anyone could.