Some musicians are all about performing, they hate being in the studio, and generally live for the road. Some musicians really prefer being in the studio and eventually getting the end goal of a great album. I guess if you've never gigged or recorded, just make an educated guess. What kind of musician are you?

I am the latter, or at least, I think I would be.

What say you, Pit?
I love both.

And thanks for mentioning me in your sig. Though I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell everyone my plans.

Jedit: Road.
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Lets get a poll up in this hizzle.

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i go either way, it depends on my mood.
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I'd like to choose being on the road, but I think it would get tedious performing the same 14 songs every night for 3 months in a row.

Having never gigged, I would love to start a band and play to an audience. I think it's quite an experience to be up there and play music. But if you're a pro and you have to do it for months, it'll get boring.
I'm both. Being in the studio is fun because you're with your good friends recoding your songs. And playing live has the chance of getting some.
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I'm both. Being in the studio is fun because you're with your good friends recoding your songs. And playing live has the chance of getting some.

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Nothing beats being on tour, its tons of fun and is a total experience. I love recording, but i often favour recording in a live setup, so tracking is overruled. I dont -hate- the studio though.
i like playing live more cuz of the enregy you get from the crowd, but i love the studio cuz you can make up crazy ideas and you can make whatever kind of music you feel like making without anyone telling you to make a specific kind
i really dont know. im in two bands and i absolutely love gigging with them because its just great to get onstage and play. on the other hand i really enjoy being in the studio because i find a lot of creativity there, and i enjoy recording and mixing music from other bands too.

its too difficult..i love it all!
I think I'd love the studio
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How could anybody pick between these, hell, as long as im playing my music i dont give a damn whether it's in front of 500 people or in front of a half a dozen techs.
I'd be the kind that's on the road constantly, gig after gig.
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i love performing, playing for crowds is better than any thing else! however, im not a "on-the-road"guy. so, i choose studio ... and playing the same set (maybe slightly mix it up a bit) for three months is kinda boring.

edit: i want to be a producer also
I have never done a performance to more than about five people so I wouldn't really know what gigging is like. I love recording though, it's what I spend most of my spare time on actually. I'd probably be a studio person.
I... really don't know, if you are in tour, you get to visit amazing places.
I've never gone to Europe, and I'm dying to go to Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain.
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I say performing.

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the road. There's no guarantee your album that you've worked so hard to produce will get big, but it's pretty much guaranteed that if you spend a while on the road with your buddies playing music, you're gonna have a few good memories.
I think I'd like both, but prefer the road.

I'd love playing infront of new people every night.
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I'd love touring or just playing local shows in a local scene. You make friends, you connect with people, and you have and give people a great time playing live. Sure, the studio is cool and all, but I'd rather play live.
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well, seeing as my recording experience is minimal, and Ive only gigged, gigging. just because you get to travel and stuff. plus, there's no groupies in the studio as far as I know
Both man, it's about the performance and the records you put out, record a record go on a tour.