This song is REALLY nice, Ive figured out the melody, and used the limited theory ive learnt online to try and put the chords together. Figured some of it out, but just cant get it to sound that great. Please help

I basically just want the chords for it, and that little outro at the end sounded great!

everytime when i'm thinking of you
i just don't know what to do
pinch myself when i'm dreaming of you
making sure that you could love me too
how it slipped away, all my happy days

though i'm acting cool, when i'm feeling blue
just to show you that i'm through with you
while i never wanted to

how can the love so beautiful ever slip away
when i get to the place
i swear i'll write you a song each and everyday
ooh god i'm missing you it's driving me so insane
standing all alone in pouring rain
can't explain can't explain all my pain
Okay so I tried out chords that may sound good, so i basically pressed a single note on the piano that sounded right, and turned them into chords (major or minor,nothing fancy) . Some of them sounded right, some of them didn't....