Got a dunlop slash wah, having a bit of trouble with the lead that goes from the amp into the wah. If i plug it in the wah effect is really quiet however if i giggle the lead about (mainly up) it eventually comes on. Tried different leads etc so i know it's not the lead. As I'm in UK with crap music shops can't really ask them to fix it. Just wondered if anybody has had same/any ideas?

is the socket on the pedal loose?
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Bad connection, maybe? Take apart the pedal and check the connection leading to the input. Make sure the ground wire is touching the metal bottom of the pedal and the live wire is connected to the input jack, then check the other sides of the wire to check if it's attached to the spring (im guessing?) sensor. It's a lead problem if you can jiggle it and dget it to work.

Good Luck mate :cheeers:
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All the above, plus check the battery.
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Thanks for the replies. I'm crap with electrics! I've opened it, all looks ok but the connection to the jack hole is encased so can't open it. I have to push the lead up and it makes it work so it must not be touching the metal. Could I bend it down with a screwdriver or something?