Ok pit, there have been a lot of attempts at an only photoshop thread. all have failed due to lack of orginazation, and all posts were that they don't think it will work. so this is what i think we should do. if you have a picture you would like to be shooped, either pm me, or post a link. i will put it in the first post, and then you reply with shooped pictures, or comments.


i'll start off with one
lol great start.
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I dont like the idea.. I like keeping the barry scott 'shoops in that thread and that weird kid with awesome hair.. etc.

I'll probably change my tune to conform, but I aint at the moment!
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While this is a nice idea, I can't see it working. To be honest, I quite like individual shoop threads, it keeps them seperate, and they don't clutter up the pit that much.

*reserved for the posibility that I might shoop that pic anyway, even though I think each shoop thread should be individual*
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this is a really dumb idea
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why? as long as the thread has a good first post like mine or the camp rock one it should be all set.