Poll: Which Multi-Effects unit?
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Boss ME-20
1 4%
Boss ME-50
1 4%
Boss GT-8 (Used)
2 7%
Digitech RP-500
3 11%
Line 6 POD XT Live
13 46%
Line 6 Floor POD Plus
3 11%
Vox ToneLab LE
2 7%
Other (Please specify in post)
3 11%
Voters: 28.
I have be considering many different multi effects pedals for a while now, and have posted a few different topics on the subject...
I have come up with the following units to compare under 400$:

Boss ME-20
Boss ME-50
Boss GT-8 (used)
Digitech RP-500 (A best seller on GC and Musicians friend)
Line 6 POD Xt Live
Line 6 Floor POD Plus
Vox ToneLab LE

I would like opinions, and ideas on which one I should buy.
I will try to use Craigslist to buy, but will buy from GC or Musicians friend if I have too.

I don't have a very good amp as of the moment, but will be getting a tube pretty soon... my guitar is also just an Epi SG, but I will be getting Les Paul in the near future (Depends on my budget though... lol)

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+1 to the POD XT Live and GT-8, -1 to the RP-500 or Floor POD Plus. Based on what I've tried. I haven't tried the others.
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What amp are you playing on?

I am currently using a Behringer keyboard amp (Got it for my KORG Keyboard)
But that will change soon
Thanks for the info so far guys! I am leaning towards the XT or GT-8 so far.... (I have a UX2 if I need recording...)
I would really like more opinons! 100-400$ is very expensive for me, and I want to know I am making the right choice!

anything in that price range is going to make your tube amp (when you buy one) sound like crap. Either get 4 individual effects that you user a lot or save up another $400 or so and buy a decent multiFX unit.
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i think that keyboard amp would be better suit for a multi fx system since they don't really play well with preamps. unless your getting a atomic amp. i would recommend the pod xt live or the gt 10 as well. but i'm leaning towards the line 6 since they are more user friendly.
So should I just start to build up my selection of pedals?
Like, would a Multi FX be a waste of my cash?
I am really new to this, and am very unsure of where my next step should go...
Thanks again, I am looking forward to more answers!
The BOSS GT-10 is good, and so is the ME-50.

I wouldn't go with a multi effect if I were you, I realized how much I don't like my multi effect. I ended up buying a new wah and a new pedal for overdrive/distortion. I want to sell my ME-20 for some modulation effect pedals.
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About a month ago, I was in the same situation with wondering what to go with. I tried out the ME-20, and just didn't like it to be honest. The ME-50 I did like much better, but in the end I went with a few pedals to start out with. The pedals will give better sound, but it is nice to have a large selection of sounds with a multi-fx.

When I tried out the ME-50, I spent a nice amount of time with it at the store and got an idea of what sounds I liked, and which I did not see an immediate need for. I recently picked up a Podxt (the table-top model) this past week on a clearance price at GC primarily to use it with headphones. It sounds very good, but I notice I do like my pedals compared to the digital sounds in the unit.
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No, get a Tech 21 Power Engine. Not a keyboard amp.

Oh I see you already have one. Never mind I guess that works. But yeah, a multieffects unit is great for practice. At least the XT Live, seems like endless possibilites with the thing for me. Works nice because I don't always feel like firing up my amp.
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Ok, so from what I've heard... this is my plan...

Buy a used Line 6 POD Xt Live... (If I can't find this, than a Boss ME-50)
Save up like 1000$ and get myself a new guitar and tube amp
Get real pedals (Hopefully I'll have a job by then, stupid underage working laws)

Any more imput would be welcome...
I think the XT Live is way better then the ME 50. Friend has the ME and my POD blows it away.
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Ok, thanks for that easy blowout!
Well, I'll just try to find the cheapest XT live I can!
You should get the boss gt-10. Look on craigslist for a used one. A used one might have a few scratches but could cost around $350. Besides, cosmetics shouldnt really matter on your pedal because youll be stomping on it anyways.