Hey! So I'm looking into getting a new amp, which can do mostly alternative rock, pop/punk, pop/rock, etc. Like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Green Day-esque, etc. However, I also play some heavier stuff like Avenged Sevenfold and Three Days Grace.

Originally, I had narrowed down my choices to two amps, but a friend of mine suggested another one, so that makes three. The three amps are:

1. Mesa Boogie F-50 Combo

2. Traynor YCS50 Combo

3. Vox AC30 Combo (not sure which kind, though)

The guitar I'll be playing out of the amp is probably going to be a Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe RI, or a high-end Epiphone LP. What do you think?
go for the traynor
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Why not an Orange?

Well, I've never tried one, and I'm only looking for a combo, though I know they have the TT Combo. They're expensive, I think, and I don't like their cleans.
I owned that very traynor for a month and a bit. I ended up trading it in because there was something small in the tone that I didn't like when I mic'd it, and I'm really picky about that, but its really versatile, It had WAY more gain that I'd ever need, but sounded great clean. (actually I loved the cleans right to the very minute I took it back). I could do a little bit of pretty much everything with it, and it probably would have sounded better yet with an EQ pedal, but I didn't really try that. It'll certainly cover what you need, and if the tone is good to you then thats great I liked it for the most part, I just found it a little harsh in line with the speaker, But to each their own, there are other guys on this board who own them and love them. And as I said, I felt it was a great amp, just not my cup of tea ya know?

- Really versatile, can play just about anything, except maybe high gain metal, but I don't know much about that, so I'll leave that alone
- TONNES of bass for a Combo, I loved that aspect of it.
- A lot of control over tone through the eq and voicing controls, lots of features, like, 2 effects loops, DI built in, Scoop and Modern switches, a usa/brit switch and a brightness switch on the clean channel.
- CAN pump out TONNES of volume, but sounds almost as good at low volumes
- Looks pretty classy
- Using the 2 button footswitch from the amp alone, and my pickup selector on my guitar, I could get any of the tones I needed, without touching the amps knobs, once I had it set the way I liked it (with that being said, I can split the humbuckers on my guitar to run as single coils, so I basically had a humbucker option on the 3 channels and a single coil without switching guitars, or turning knobs, spare the tone knob on my guitar) That was kind of an ideal thing for live performance situations.
- Pretty much one of the best warranties ever.

- Heavier than a bag of bricks
- I found that in front of the speaker, there was a harshness that I couldn't quite dial out, and while this was fine in my basement, because it was at floor level, and I was walking around, and the speaker never pointed at me directly, when I mic'd the amp, I found it to be an issue. But with that being said, maybe that's just me. Each persons ears are different, and I just like my tone to be incredibly smooth, and that little bit of harshness just got to me and was why I returned it. But if I had never put a mic infront of it, I probably never would have noticed.

So theres my opinion on that amp, hope that helps.

As for the Vox? Its gonna sound great clean and at small levels of overdrive, but you won't get to avenged sevenfold and 3 days grace with it, its just not that kind of amp.

And I can't speak for the Mesa, as I've never played on an F-50 or any comparable Mesa amp (unless an Express 50:5 or 25:5 is comparable, cause I found those to be a little buzzy, well, actually, a lot buzzy, though they had a sick amount of chug to them, which even though I'm not into that, I thought it was pretty bad ass :P)
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Mesa F50. One of the guys I jam with has it and it has the right voicing and more than enoug gain for all of these styles.
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