okay there is a song called metal heavy lady by the lions. i cant find a tab including the solo and i can play everything but the solo. so after a while when i got to the solo part i would say solo and move on to the next part. so does anyone know where i can find the whole song with the solo?
I cant find it on google or any other tab sites, just spend some time and work it out yourself.
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Two words, improvise it. That's what I always do so I'm not just becoming a Eric Clapton, SRV, Jimmy Page etc. cover band.
i searched on google,yahoo and ask.com and still didnt find out. i could try to figure it out but i started play a few weeks ago and i used tabs to play everything i know so i dont know how far ill get but i will try.
I agree, improvise. You can listen to the original solo and hear some main notes being played. For example, in Sunshine of Your Love, it's obvious the 12th fret is being used on the 3rd string even if you're not using tab, so then imnprovise around that note.
So listen to the real solo and either tab it yourself or try to get your improv to sound close. A totally off solo just sounds glued on in the end and cheezy. It has to fit the song.
ok i dont really know what improvise means but i will take a wild guess and say that it means to play it how i hear or something like that. there is one problem though. sunshine of your love is easy to figure out. the solo to this isnt anything like sunshine of your love. if you havent heard the song look up metal heavy lady by the lions on youtube.