Hey all. Happy new year to all.

Ok, so I want to upgrade my bridge humbucker of my Ibanez SA160 to something that will be good for metal and hardrock. I was thinking bout an active EMG or something like a DiMarzio De Activator. How much trouble is it going to be to replace it?

Any other suggestions on high output pickups?
Depends what kind of hard rock you're talking about and your amp setup. Actives are meant for driving a tube amp really hard and won't sound good for more classic-type hard rock.
Hard rock meaning Metallica, HIM, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine. I think they're prob considered metal though. I play through a Randall RG50TC. I play some classic rock and blues too. But that's whay I'm only changing my bridge. To keep some vesatility and cause it's the superstrat, SSH setup
I'm sorry for not mentioning. Giving you my budget is really hard cause practical conversion from ZAR to US$ (includes the exchange rate, inport, taxes etc.) is an art in itself. I would say more or less $150-$200 but more to the lower end I hope.

I play through a Randall RG50TC
Thanks, I need to know how hard it is to put actives in a guitar which currently have passives? Not cause I want to do it myself, just to get an idea what it is going to cost. If it's too much I might consider doing it myself
Oh, bridge only, d'oh. Seymour Duncan SH6 is pretty heavy. SH4 is a bit less hot with a bit less bite.
I heard sound clips from the Seymore Duncun site and I must say that I like the sound of SH-13 more than th SH-4. The **** thing is that you can't really try them out.
The SH-13 is way muddy, too high output. It's honestly a very bad pickup. It's not like Dime used it, or anything...He used Bill Lawrence pickups. Also, think about this: Do they tell you what amp they're using? I almost never trust pickup clips by the manufacturer for that reason. The amp they're using makes a much bigger difference than the pickups.

Here's some Dimarzio Breed clips:
The Breeds sound pretty cool. Now I just have to find out if you can buy them here.
The actual fitting.
EMG's have their circuits inside the pickup block so you only have to find room for the battery and wire it in (circuit diagrams included). DiMarzios and other good brands come with wiring diagrams for the different options (serial/parallel phase. coil tapping etc.) Being handy with a soldering iron is a big advantage.
Quote by Lurcher
Being handy with a soldering iron is a big advantage.

I can solder, won't say I'm a pro but I can do it. Would I find place for a battery?
I have seymour duncans the sh6 duncan distortions they sound great I play a lot of metallica I use a jackson king v and I have a randall too I have the rg100g3 altogether you get a great metal tone and you could play other stuff too like ozzy acdc etc. I had to pay 72 for the pickups and like 100 for the installation though
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like 100 for the installation though

Man you got ripped. 100 bucks is ludicrous...
Duncan Invader , Bill Lawrence makes a Dimebag model Kicks butt for metal

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I decided that I'm going with a passive. Going to be so much easier. Anyone have experience using the DiMarzio Air Norton or Air Zone?

Please don't just read the last 2 posts and just reply. If you'd followed you would've seen that I was talking about the battery, whether the battery is the only thing that needs to go in with the pickup inside the guitar. Will actives work with passives and now I know that it's not worth trying anyway. Last but not least I stated quite clearly that it is for the bridge position.

With that being said, anything ud like to add?