Hey, going through my parts today, and I've found I've got just the parts left over for that TS808 clone I was going to build like a year ago, so why not.

Only probs are that a couple of my resistors are out to the BOM. This is the GGG one. Link.

So my R12/2 will have to be 560k instead of the 510k.
And the R7 will have to be 56k rather than 51k.

Can anyone see anything wrong with this, seeing as I'm only deviating slightly from theirs.

Merci beaucoup.


EDIT: Also, I know their's a thread for this but, will the colour of the LED change the tone, as I also have orange, green, and UV.
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Depends on what the resistors are being used for and the tolerance called for in the schematic. Typical tolerances for a resistor might be 10%, however in critical applications we can get down to 1% with metal film resistors.

If you've got a 560k and it's got a 5% tolerance (gold band), then the component is allowed to be 532k to 588k. The 510k component, with a 5% tolerance would give us 535.5k to 484.5k. As you can see, we have some overlap here, but chances are your components are going to be pretty close to the value the manufacturer has stamped on them - in other words, pretty close to their color codes. If we're biasing a transistor, I think I'd want those values almost dead on. For other purposes, we can experiment a little, but keep in mind the designer of the circuit called for that value for a reason. Putting in too large of a value might cause problems, or maybe not. I didn't even look at R7, but the 5% tolerance on that one is probably out. Try it and see what happens. If it doesn't work, or causes some unexpected behavior, just order or buy the correct values.

Edit: I was wrong about the lowest tolerance. The lowest available tolerance is 0.05%, which is a gray band. I guess I need to do more project building to keep up.
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The color of the LED will not change the tone. Just remember that different LED colors require different bias voltages. Verify that the LED you want to use will work with the design voltage. If not, then change the bias resistor so that it will.
Cool-o, thanks dude. On r7 there's a mod I've seen to change it to 20k, which is a huge difference to the 51k.

It's part of the keely mod.
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Your input impedance is increased with the 560K resistors. This will result in a slightly brighter tone, who knows you might like it.

You have less minimum gain with the 56K resistor if that makes sense. So when your drive control is at it's minimum you will have less gain then if you used a 51K resistor. Good for a cleanish type boost.