Okay, so I got a FR. m going to change the strings that came with the guitar and tune it (it did not come tuned). So what tuning can I happily lock in if im an insane fan of all extreme metal? Thanks
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E standard?
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Whatever tuning you want v,v A dropped tuning would probably be what's most commonly used.

You may need thicker gauge strings (12's or 13's) if you go below Drop C though.
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Super Slinkys are barely thick enough for drop D. In answer to your question, what tuning do you use most often?
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I keep my six string in Drop D, but i keep my 7 in E standard. I play heavy stuff like All Shall Perish, Unearth, Slipknot, Slayer, All That Remains and Darkest Hour and my tunings work for me.

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My band recently switched from Drop D to Drop B to accomodate mine and our singer's vocal range, and myself and the other guitarist are using Ernie Ball 11-54.
I just love the massive punch you get from this tuning, but I have other guitars set up in E standard, C standard and Drop D
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I got 1 guitar in C standard and 1 in Drop B.

I suggest you tune yours to A standard though....lol.
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Whole step down, ie D standard.

I keep my SG in that tuning and it sounds good with the Ernie Power Slinkys.

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Your strings are too thin for low tunings.

If you go to Regular Slinkys, Drop D is a good tuning.

If you get an even thicker gauge, try C Standard
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