G’day crew....


A couple of months back a nice thunderstorm set in for a few hours so I thought I’d hang my mike out the window for a while. My mic mike that is

Was playing it back later and fiddling around with the 6 string in dropped D and the cruisey clean guitar backing came out over the top first take.

So there’s 2 rain/thunder tracks with the single clean guitar backing track over the top and I only just got around to dropping 2 tracks of lead over the 2 middle verses to make it more interesting – was a real bugger as I wasn’t using any rhythm when I laid down the backing track so the timing is slightly different for each verse and hard to pick for the lead, particularly when you’re laying a second lead down over the first - still needs a bit of work and I’m not real happy with the middle bit but I’ll work on it when I get the time.

The thunder is the bass and drums in this one and I haven’t mixed it down so it can get bassy in parts.

Pretty basic and very mellow but I like it – kind of cathartic.

Anyway hope you like it as well. Comments/ideas etc always welcome.


And all the best for the new year.


Hi Cody

Thanks for the feedback I'm glad you like the backing. I've had that for a couple of months now but had trouble finding the lead to get the feel I was after and was friggin around last night and came up with this.

I'd be the first to admit the lead is a bit of a dog's breakfast!

I'll frig around with it a bit more and see if I can come up with something a little more palatable.