Hi I'm new at bass just got one last week and wanting to know some easy songs to get used to playing the bass. I listen to all genres so any suggestion is good. Also I want to get better a using my fingers instead of a pick if you have any tips for using your fingers plz suggest them I need the help. Thanks
No worries
Remember theres a lot more than just the list in the firstt couple of posts, look through a few pages and you might find more stuff that appeals to you
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You listen to music right?
Check out some of your (favourite) songs, and try playing them?
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what yo mean valdean?

I think he means learn the songs you listen to in addition to what ScottB. said.
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Check out some pop-punk music, such as fall out boy, my chemical romance, blink 182, green day, etc. They usually have very easy basslines to start learning on, but you will want to progress further.

As for me, I "jumped into the deep end," so to speak. The first thing I tried to do was learn Hysteria, by MUSE. Needless to say it was a long and painful road, but it forced me to learn proper tab learning technic (split the song into parts) and some general skills (hammer-ons and pull-offs).
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I think a few good songs to start on would be Paranoid by Black Sabbath and In Bloom by Nirvana. This will allow beginners to get a feel for their bass and their talents. Before you start to play any songs bu other bands on your bass, make sure you have proper technique, as simple as holding it right and strumming techniques. Once you have these techniques and those 2 songs down pat, try Yyz by Rush or Tom Sawyer by Rush. These 2 songs will really improve your bass skills, for they are quite difficult songs and will test your transfers between strings every other note.
^ I don't know about you, but I didn't play nirvana one day and then try to learn YYZ the next...We want to encourage him to play bass remember?
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