I was wondering. Are there special tricks? After some time are you supposed to change them?
I change mine every 2 weeks because i lately have been playing a lot and i need to get better if i want to go to NMC. I change when i i feel the sound is thing and dull, when you have some time playing you will be every time able to notice it more and more.
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I change them when they start to get dirty and sticky

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I change them when they get gross looking and rusty. Generally I change them every 2 months as a rule of thumb though.
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I change them when they start to get dirty and sticky

Same here. If I slide my finger down the strings and they don't feel smooth enough then I change them. I'm not super picky with 'em.
When they don't feel good anymore. New strings are very smooth. Old ones start to rust and feel unpleasant.
It of course depends on what you want. If it's just for practice at home and you don't mind yourself then you can leave ur strings on for months and play through the rust. If you have to perform or if you just want better quality then you should change sooner. Just what you think is fit
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well if you run your fingers under your strings and find some gunk, you should change them.
and i also change mine biweekly.
i break a string about once a week, so i just change them all when i break one
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When it breaks.
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When they lose their ability to tune properly.

Weekly or even twice weekly is stupid and expensive.
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When they become a hassle. I change strings probably less then I should, every two months or so.
Worn in strings sound good for teh blues0rz.

Over-changing strings is really stupid and pretentious.
in time ull no when to change, every 1 is diff....
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You'll be able to tell..... they'll sound muddy and worn out....

I change them every month and a half/2 months anyway though.
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I change them when they snap on me. Never had one grunge up on me, I beat the hell out of my gear, so they don't get changed, they die.

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Rarely. I'm very cheap and normally wash my hands before playing, so I keep strings on for months. It's not like I practice 4 hours a day.
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I get 15 to 20 hours of use from guitar strings. So if you play 2 hours a day that's a week or two.
When they break. For me on most guitars this is once evey seven-eight months, though on my LP with a Stetsbar it's averaging three times a week. Literally.
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I change my strings whenever one of them breaks. Like today, the g string on my electric guitar broke after i did some serious bending. Which means tomorrow I'm going to get new strings. I don't really care if they get dirty, because they always break whenever it is time for a new set of strings anyway. It's like my guitars are telling me when to re-string them. And they tell me by snapping a string in my face.
I was wondering. Are there special tricks? After some time are you supposed to change them?

When they're covered in crap and sound like crap.
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Once every couple of months. I dont think Ive changed strings on the electric for over a year. They sound ok, they're not rusted through, there's no gunk on the fretboard, so why bother? I do clean and oil the fretboard regularly though.
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well if you run your fingers under your strings and find some gunk, you should change them.
and i also change mine biweekly.

clean your strings and stop wasting your money. next case.
when they won't intonate.
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They just get rusty, they stink, and there is all this black gunge under them. Then, you change them. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to get a floating tremelo, so that complicates string change.
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i change mine like at least once everymonth.

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depends on the guitar and strings, i like the sound ernie balls have, but they dont last as long as elixers. i have a few guitars i rotate around playing live/practice. the live one always gets regular slinkys, usually every 2-4 weeks, or every 3 or 4 shows, whatever happens first. where as my practice/at home/backup player gets elixers since they seem to last alot longer and hold their tone and dont break, so i have to change em less, but they dont sound as good in my opinion. maybe 3 months at the most. my acoustic has 2 or 3 month old strings on it now that i think about it, with a broken high E thats bee replaced with an electric B string(.11 B string) since i broke it tuning out of a open tuning by accident within a week of a new set of $15 strings.

im picky i guess about my strings, but not overkill on changing them. i notice a huge difference on my nice electric, but it falls off quick on my lower quality instruments. i clean the live player every time i use it now(i was mean to it early in its life, and learned), where the others still get neglected and their strings get dirty and need a clean every 2 weeks or so.
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ive gotten ti down to either physically seeing the grime and junk on the srtings

or when one of the strings breaks.
my rational is that if ive had a set of strings on my guitar for a few weeks and one breaks, then they are all at a point where they could break, so i just change the entire set
plus wouldnt want one new, bright soudning string among a bunch of dull onse
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Worn in strings sound good for teh blues0rz.

Over-changing strings is really stupid and pretentious.

Why is that? Because you can't tell the difference? I like to change strings every week or so if I have strings or I can make it to the shop. Worn in strings don't sound better for anything compared to new strings. If you ever listen to a nice guitar through a nice tube amp and compare old worn in strings and newer ones, the new ones will be much brighter and distinctive and the older ones will start to sound flabbier and flat. You might as well say its pretentious to take a shower every day because y'know you could just cover the smell up for a few days.
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I play around 6 hours a day and I change every 2 or 3 weeks.

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when i service the thing, when a string breaks or when i do a gig so i change about 8 times a year, roughly....
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